Quality, accuracy, and precision are important in professional radon measurement. Ohio has codified the EPA protocols for short-term and long-term radon testing in the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code. All radon professionals must be licensed after required training and an accredited exam. Radon testers in Ohio must be trained, tested, and licensed, and must take continuing education classes, exam, and renew their license every two years.

We have registered each of our continuous radon monitors and serial numbers with ODH, including a QA plan for each machine, and a radiological safety plan for our workers. Each active monitoring device iscalibrated and certified once per year by the manufacturer, and cross-checked against a recently calibrated device (within 45 days) every six months. Every tenth test we perform must be a duplicate (two devices side-by-side), with results reported to ODH.

As licensed radon testers, we maintain detailed records for all radon tests, including the address, radon level measured in every test, and the required equipment calibration, cross-checking, and duplicates to ensure accuracy and precision. Every test result from a licensed radon tester is recorded by Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

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