Radon tests use specialized, sensitive equipment. Our electronic, continuous radon monitors produce time integrated results over the 48-hour test period, and an overall average. We use the Sun Nuclear Corporation Model 1028 is AARST-NRPP listed (CR-228) and NRSB listed (31821) for use in real estate transaction testing.

Radon testing in Ohio has strong governance, based on EPA guidelines.

According to Ohio law and best practices, each device is calibrated by the manufacturer on an annual basis, and each device is cross-checked against a newly calibrated device every six months. In addition, every tenth radon test uses two devices for quality control.

Active continuous radon monitors provide many benefits and superior test results over passive radon testing methods, such as charcoal canisters, that can be purchased at any home improvement store. Continuous radon monitors capture radon levels each hour, as well as other factors like temperature and humidity.

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