If you are buying or selling a home, test it for radon. The EPA recommends you know the indoor radon level in any home you consider buying. Testing is the only way to know if you or your family are at risk from radon. Luckily, short term radon tests before purchasing a house, or for your current house, are inexpensive.

Both short-term real estate transaction radon tests and homeowner radon tests from Radon Done cost $150. Each test takes as little as 48 hours to complete, and results are available on the same day.

Any home can have elevated radon levels, and even homes next to each other can have different levels of indoor radon due to construction and geographic difference. Every home should be tested, old or new, and even if it already has a radon remediation system in place.

Brand new homes should be tested for radon before moving in. Radon testing during the inspection period when buying a new home is recommended, as it is your only opportunity to ask the home seller, or the home builder, to pay for radon remediation.

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Written by Warren Watkins

Warren Watkins is a Software Quality Assurance Director.